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Your Property Alerts account allows you to keep an eye on those properties you think have potential, as well as check over time what properties are available matching your criteria.

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As you browse our listings, simply click the Property Alerts icon that appears in search results listings or on individual property pages to add that property to your watchlist.

You can add as many properties as you like and remove them at any time - the key advantage is that they're all in one place next time you log in.

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My Saved Search Criteria

As you search our listings, once you've selected the search criteria that match what you're looking for, simply click the 'Save searches button that appears above your search results to remember this search for next time.

You can review your search criteria at any time and over-write it with a new set of criteria as your requirements or thinking change. Either way, you can login into Property Alerts and view all listings that match what you're looking for quickly and easily.

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If your contact details change, or you need to update your password - you can do that here.

Please note that we use your e-mail address for the sole purpose of granting you access to Property Alerts - unless you have requested us to keep you informed.

Should you wish to opt-out of any communication or updates, you can do so at any time by simply clicking the 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of any email we send you.

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